Do You Trust God to Meet Your Needs?

Do you trust God to meet your needs?

If someone were to ask me that, like a good Christian, I’d probably respond with a quick, “Yes, of course!” But when it comes to the real world, I’m not always as trusting as I’d like to be.

When I found out we were having a fourth child, I immediately started thinking about how we would afford life with another child. Another kid in daycare. Diaper and formula expenses. New baby items to replace everything I’d long given away. And don’t even mention trying to help fund their college education.

What I’d failed to remember is how God had provided either me or my husband (and sometimes both) with a promotion or new job, plus pay increase, right around the birth of our other three kids. Each time, without fail, our resources expanded to accommodate the new expenses.

So, why the faith amnesia? Especially when, as it turned out, he remained faithful in blessing us again with new jobs, promotion and salary increases with this child?

It’s probably because I put myself in the driver’s seat and tried to navigate how to make it all make financial sense. I slipped up and thought we were the providers. I forgot that when it comes to matters of faith, things don’t always make sense, but God always comes through.

Maybe you’re out of the young kid stage but are still struggling in other areas to trust God completely to meet your needs. I say, trust him.

If you believe you’re meant to write a book but never sit down in front of a computer because you doubt the relevancy of what you have to say…I say trust him to give you the words and messages needed to fulfill the calling He’s given you.

If you need a breakthrough in a particular area but seem to run into more closed doors than you can count…continue to trust that those close doors weren’t the best door that God is making ready for you.

Just as we want the best for our children, He wants the best for each of us. The only difference is that He alone really does have the power and ability to meet every single one of our needs.


The Best Game Plan for a New Year

Happy 2015 everyone! If you’re like most people, you probably started off the year compiling a list of resolutions and goals for the new year. At least that’s the way I’ve started the year for as long as I can remember. The only problem is that my resolutions tended to be overly ambitious; and if not ambitious, they were completely forgotten or ignored by the time June rolled around. That’s why last year, I decided to try a one word resolution. Just one word to strive for. One word to guide my actions and thoughts throughout the year. One word that when facing a choice between two decisions would help me decide what to do.

Last year, that word was Discipline. This year my one word resolution is LEAP.

I’m not sure why or how that word came to mind (definitely a God-thing), but with a new baby on the way, a new job I’m starting and several other adventures on the horizon, it’s seems like a perfect word for the coming year. I love these definitions…


I think this word leap is a call for more. More faith, more action, more adventure, more resolve.

When you think of someone leaping, it’s an all-in thing. Whether it’s leaping over a puddle of water or rocks or leaping into a pool, no one leaps with hesitancy or timidness. Well…maybe they’re hesitant at first; but once you decide to leap, you have to really go for it. I believe that’s what God is calling me to do this year, and I’m sure he’d like to see the same for you.

But, what does this look like on a day to day basis? Honestly, I’m not 100% sure, but for starters, I think it means:

  • Going for it and trying something new
  • Choosing faith-based over fear-based responses when making decisions
  • Committing 100% when taking on tasks, goals and responsibilities
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges instead of giving them the upper hand
  • Expecting to see and do big things in 2015

With this word leap in my head now, I’m excited to see what the year holds. I don’t expect it to be a cake walk, because, frankly, most of these actions don’t come naturally to me. However, I do expect this to be a year of moving past what’s comfortable to me and growing and increasing in ways I never thought possible.




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