Always Watching

If you’re a parent of littles, you’ve probably had the pleasure of watching the animated movie, Monsters Inc. a time or two. One of my favorite scenes is when Roz, a grumpy plant supervisor, tells the one-eyed Wazowski, “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.”

Like Roz, I was reminded this past week that our kids are also always watching us. Over the weekend, not wanting to put any heat on my hair, I decided to go old school style with a few velcro rollers instead. When my daughter saw me in the rollers, her fascination was obvious as she began asking me a million questions about them. Not thinking anything of the conversation, I was quite tickled later on that night when my daughter walked in the room looking like this…


Yes, that is my daughter with a head full of rollers stuck to the sides of her head. I was immediately reminded of Always Watching Roz. Our children are always watching us, whether we realize it or not.

Every day, they are taking in the way we talk, what we wear, how we act, who we befriend, what we do and where we go. The question is, what will our children mimic as a result of our words and actions? What are they seeing and learning from us?

Are they learning to display kindness…love…patience…discipline…joy?

Or they witnessing selfishness…hatred…impatience…laziness…moodiness?

Are they learning to speak positive, uplifting words to others or verbal darts that tear down and demean?

Have our children witnessed us standing firm and strong in our faith during adversity and trials or do they see us running away from God in anger and distrust?

I hope that this picture of my daughter will not only continue to bring a smile to my face for years to come, but that it serve as an everlasting reminder of the powerful influence we have on our children.

Early Morning Challenge Check-In

So, about that Early Morning Challenge. The one where I challenged us to wake up early every day this week. I did a fantastic job waking up early on Day #1. After that, not so much.

I knew this would be a difficult challenge; but, at the rate I was going, I was tempted to chalk this up to yet another failed self-imposed challenge. And I might have done just that except I realized, the week isn’t over. In fact, I have three more days to get at it. And while tomorrows certainly aren’t promise, each day is another opportunity to do something new.

Sure, I overslept on Day #2 and #3 because I stayed up way too late checking social media and cleaning house.

And yes, I managed to wake up early on Day #4 only to doze off during my prayer time.

But the thing is, steady, consistent change over time—not perfection—is our target. Sleeping in here and there shouldn’t define the rest of our efforts. When we start moving beyond the status quo, a pesky thing called resistance, as author Steven Pressfield names it in his book, War of Art, will do all it can to keep us from doing something different. In our case, resistance would rather keep us tucked warmly in our beds.

The good thing is when we have the strength of God behind us, this resistance doesn’t have to win. We can do this, but we will probably need His help. Look back over your why to remind yourself of why you are waking up early. Set your alarm for tomorrow morning and ask God for the discipline and will to wake up early.

The week is not over, my friend.


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