How to Celebrate the First Day of Kindergarten (or Any Grade Level)

In two weeks, my oldest starts kindergarten!



While I’m both excited and a bit sad, I’m mostly excited about my baby boy’s first big step towards independence. I recently shared a list of ideas for celebrating the first day of school on Thirty-One: 10 where I’m a contributor. Although, the list focuses on kinder, most of the ideas could be used for kids in any grade level.

How to Celebrate First Day of Kindergarten

Samuel cooperating with his mama’s requests for practice pics.

Mamas, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick at least one of these ideas for your school-aged kids. They will be thrilled! So, hop over and check out the list, then come back and let us know what you’re planning to do.

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  1. I loved reading your list. I have a few years… but you can be guaranteed I will be looking up that post when it comes time!! My favorite: video interview!

  2. How exciting! There’s nothing like a little one experiencing their first day of REAL school. I know Samuel is going to have a lot to say about his first day…

    And congratulations to you, Kacey, on your first (of many) ebooks! Cant wait to read it!!!

  3. That’s great Kacey (an e-book). I applaud you for all the ENERGY God has blessed you to have with 3 little tots.
    I remember Chelsea’s first day of Kindergarten – so much fun to see them excited.

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