Gearing Up For A New School Year

The following is a post from our contributor, Erica.

As a former classroom teacher and now a mother of school aged children, the month of August has long been regarded the beginning of the new year, much like January is for everyone else.  As the last days of summer break wear thin, we set new goals, organize, restock and prioritize duties.  Just as resolutions made in January, the “newness” tends to wear off rather quickly; but, that doesn’t hinder the need for getting the house in order.

Scheduling time for homework, dinner, extra-curricular activities, personal appointments, individual time, family time, and work assignments can become quite a juggling act.  When you toss in a few insecurities,  unrealistic expectations and curve balls, burnout becomes inevitable.

Where do you go to find inspiration and tips for motivation?  Why, Pinterest of course!  I’ve rounded up a few neat sites that I thought I’d share.  I’m sure my “For School” pinboard will be updated regularly, but this is definitely a good start.


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