Doing Nothing Is Something

There’s so much clamoring for our attention these days–the kids’  baseball and soccer practices, playdates and birthday parties; PTA meetings, work obligations; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and everything else social media; and on and on.

Even when we’re just waiting, it’s hard for us to sit idly because technology has blessed and cursed us with the ability to do, see and hear 24/7 via our smartphones and mobile devices.

It seems we’re constantly going, and yet 24 hours a day hardly ever feels like enough.

It’s no wonder we’ve forgotten (or may never even have learned) the power of stillness.

I was reminded of that this past Saturday morning when I realized we had nothing on our calendar. No meetings. No games. No deadlines. No travel plans. Nothing.

And let me tell you…


While I love being active and involved and enjoy hanging out with friends, sometimes doing nothing is something we need, too.

Yes, there are moments when I feel guilty for abandoning my to do list. But just as quickly, I realize that rest does a body good. It recharges us. It can focus and motivate us. It makes us happy. And even brings clarity to challenging situations.

So I say we all give ourselves permission to slow down every now and then. Let’s forgo the tightly scripted schedules sometimes and just veg out in our jammies all day. I promise you’ll enjoy it.



  1. I totally agree! But it’s a strange feeling, though. It’s amazing how we condition ourselves to “stay busy” and not realize the sheer joy of just doing nothing.

  2. I love those no agenda days!! I wish we had more of them. We also have one day set aside in the week that we are just home, but there are still household tasks that we need to do, etc., so I’m hoping to have more of a relaxed day set aside at least once a month. It is definitely refreshment for my soul.

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