Library Lion and Other Go-to Books for Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Library Lion

This post feels a little strange to write considering my daughter is a teenager. However, as this year has been a bit of a struggle for us, we’ve realized something… No matter how old you are, sometimes you still need someone to read to you. Out … [Continue reading]

The Picture Perfect Family

The Picture Perfect Family

We recently ventured out into the wild (a.k.a. a local park) for our annual family photo shoot. If you've never paid a professional photographer to try and get picture perfect photos of a family of young kids, you haven't lived. Trying to wrangle … [Continue reading]

God’s Grace is Enough

God's Grace is Enough

We had been chatting about God for about thirty minutes - this stranger and I – when he realized the time and had to leave. As he packed his laptop and books away in his worn leather shoulder bag, he paused. Looking at me, he said, "You know … [Continue reading]

8 Thoughts About Discipline Every Parent Should Consider


By now, you've probably heard the news about NFL running back Adrian Peterson facing felony charges for child abuse. As I looked at the graphic images of the bruised and marked legs of the four-year old he spanked with a switch, it got me … [Continue reading]

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Your Dreams

Fear of failure

Dear mamas, Chances are you have a few things you'd like to accomplish that seem to be going nowhere. Chances are also good that at one point or another you've heard the voices--either in your own head or from others. Those voices stirring up … [Continue reading]

Where My Plans and God’s Plans Diverged

Where My Plans and God's Plans Diverged

When my youngest started using the bathroom around 2 1/2 years old, it was like we'd reached a golden age of parenting. I quickly got used to this new life of no longer being tied to diaper bags, strollers and dirty diapers. Plus, the boys at ages … [Continue reading]